• Genuine Rimblades Alloy Wheel Protection Protector System Set of 4 fit 13"-22"

Genuine Rimblades Alloy Wheel Protection Protector System Set of 4 fit 13"-22" Rimblades alloy wheel rim protectors, alloy wheel protection at its best!Protect your alloy wheel rims from kerb damage and cover up existing marks using our easy to fit, self-adhesive alloy wheel protectors.Rimblades are an easy to install, fully DIY product. Rimblades alleviate the need to jack the car up, deflate the tyre or install anything that interferes with the tyre bead seat, saving you time without compromising the safety and performance of your wheel or tyre.Available in one universal size that fits any alloy wheel rim size up to 22” diameter. Rimblades are the latest innovation in alloy wheel protection and style. Rimblades were designed in the UK and are the only stick on rim protectors with our patented curved design shape that will conform to fit nearly all wheel rim shapes. The 2016 version of Rimblades now use higher quality materials than ever before. The 2016 design are made from a TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate). This is a very high grade automotive rubber. They are tough, durable and easy to wipe clean. Factory fitted to one side is a VHB (very high bond) tape from the world renowned 3M. Rimblades are also supplied with wheel preparation wipes.With investments made in plasma technology combined with development work with 3M, we have been able to manufacture Rimblades from this improved material to ensure they are true to the original design concept and conformable to most wheel rim shapes.The Rimblade′s design is both innovative and easy to use. Simply place around the very edge of the wheel for a perfect fit ­ all the way around the alloy rim. Rimblades are sold as a ‘universal fitting product′, cut to length by the customer.Available colours:
  • 5 colors 
FAQQuestion. How long do they take to fit?Answer. Once your wheels are clean and dry, they take around 5 minutes for each wheel.Question. Will they protect my wheel rims?Answer. Rimblades are designed to be a sacrificial product and to do their job by protecting your valuable rims. They should be checked and replaced if damaged excessively.Question. Will they come off?Answer. Not during normal driving conditions or at legal motorway/highway speeds if correctly applied unless already damaged.Question. Will they fit my wheels?Answer. During our test period they fitted 93% of the wheels tested. Contact us or your dealer if you have concerns around fitment.Question. What are they made from?Answer. A high quality rubber that is an automotive grade TPV (thermoplastic vulcanizate).Question. Will the colour fade?Answer. No as a UV stabilising agent is added to the rubber during the manufacturing process.Question. Are they value for money?Answer. We use the best quality 3M double sided tape and won't scrimp on the tapes quality to make our product cheaper.Question. Will the 3M tape damage my wheels?Answer. No it won't. The VHB range of tapes have incredible bonding strength, but can also be removed easily without damaging the wheel as long as you had no loose or damaged paint/lacquer prior to application. The use of heat will soften the adhesive during the removal process and any residue left over can be soaked in white spirits for 2 minutes then wiped off.Question. Can Rimblades be reused after I have a new tyre?Answer. We recommend they are changed.Question. Will my wheels need to be balanced after fitting?Answer. No as the weight is equal around the circumference of the wheel.Pack contents
  • 1 x Coiled length of Rimblades, enough alloy wheel protection for 4 wheels up to 22”
  • 4 x IPA cleaning wipes
  • 4 x Wheel preparation/primer wipes
  • Mail order Rimblades are packed in a fully printed retail bag to reduce shipping costs.
ImportantThe Rimblades product has been thoroughly tested by Millbrook and should protect the surface of your alloy wheels (A full technical copy of the safety report is available on our website. Check your Rimblades after collision with a kerb and replace if necessary. Rimblades will probably need to be replaced after a tyre change unless your tyre installer is careful. Balance weights should be fitted inside the rim as they will interfere with Rimblades if mounted on the lip. During winter, cold or damp conditions the tape will bond poorly unless artificial heat is used to warm the tape and wheel surface. A hot air gun or hairdryer work perfectly.CHECK OUT OUR OTHER LISTINGS TO SEE OUR FULL PRODUCT RANGEPaypalReturn PolicyIf customers are not satisfied with our product, simply return the item to us in an unused condition and we will make a refund once we have received the itemContact UsIf you have any questions, please feel free to email our service specialists 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.Customers NoteYour satisfaction is our top priority, our aim is to make all our customers as happy as possible whilst shopping with us. If there is any questions or problems at all, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make every effort to respond to all customer service inquiries as soon as possible. If customers are not happy with purchase, please do not leave negative feedback before contacting us, just let us know and we will resolve the issue for you. Please also look at our other great items. Thank you.

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Genuine Rimblades Alloy Wheel Protection Protector System Set of 4 fit 13"-22"

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